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Create Your Plan

Don’t start a plan unless you know it is one you are willing to stick with for at least 2 years. 

Below you’ll find help with choosing your path.

This is the 1st question to ask yourself

Are you an Extrovert?

  • I enjoy talking with strangers.
  • Meeting new people energizes me.
  • I’d rather pop bye a clients house than call them on the phone.
  • I’d rather take a client out for coffee then write them a letter.
  • I’d rather hold a face to face client appreciation event then design an automated followup plan.
  • The idea of door knocking excites me


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Are you an introvert?

  • Meeting new people drains me.
  • I’ll talk to strangers only as much as I need to to reach my goals.
  • I’d rather write a card to someone then drop by their house.
  • I’ll door knock only if I have to.
  • I’d rather set up automated followup then hold client appreciation events.


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This is the 2nd question to ask yourself

Team or Solo


  • I’d rather build something together than on my own
  • I’d rather collaborate to reach my goals then follow my own path
  • I don’t care if it’s done my way as long as I reach my goals.
  • I’d like to be part of something bigger then my own personal goals.
  • I want lots of accountability and coaching.


  • I want to put my focus into building my business
  • I’m super excited about following my own path
  • I’ve got a bunch of my own ideas I’d like to put into action in order to reach my personal goals.
  • I really don’t want to be micro managed or told which methods I need to use.

Solo Internship

  • I want to put my focus into building my business, but know I need help and accoutability up front.
  • I’m super excited about following my own path eventually
  • I’d like guidance as to which one of my ideas I should follow 1st.
  • I don’t want to be micromanaged, but love the idea of accountability

Freedom vs Security

In life and in business you typically give up freedom for security.  Which would you choose.


  • Most likely to succeed
  • Highest Collaboration.
  • Highest Accountability
  • Least Freedom


  • Decent Chance to Succeed
  • Good Collaboration.
  • Good Accountability
  • Decent Freedom

Solo in supportive brokerage

  • Unlikely to Succeed
  • Some Collaboration
  • Lots of Freedom
  • Some Accountability

Solo (no support)

  • Very Unlikely to Succeed
  • Little Collaboration
  • Tons of Freedom
  • No Accountability


Got Their License within the last year

Of them Dropped out in that same year

More of those agents will drop out in the next year


Fail in their first 2 years

Why do 85% of new agents go back toa  w2 job in the 1st 2 years?

  • No Solid Plan

  • Not Surrounded by Proper Support

  • No accountability

  • Weren’t Prepared for the Harsh Reality

Jeff Johnson

Owner, The Johnson Team & KW Premier Realty


How do you turn the many relationships you tend to have into relationships that turn into business.


How do I make more of these few intimate relationships while still enjoying life?

How do grow my database and still love my job?

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