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Thanks Kellee, Jeff, Brian, Stephanie, Dan and Andrew for being willing to get put on the spot.  


Internet Lead Conversion

There was some seriously good content.  Nobody wanted to stop talking at 5:30pm.  I could hardly keep up with it all and take notes, so I’m probably not getting everything, but here are some of the big take aways.

  • Speed to Lead. 
    • Respond in 30 seconds or less especially if it’s any kind of home search lead.
    • While the phone is ringing be typing out your text message (try Mighty Text so you can text from your computer).  If they don’t answer, hit send immediately.  Leave a voicemail, then a video.
  • 1st sentence when they answer “Oh my gosh I’m so glad you answered” or “Is this the amazing Steve” (that actually works).  People get a laugh out of it.
  • Add value immediately: What can you offer them that they can’t get online
    • Obviously walking them through a house, but what if they’re not ready to see a house?  You need to get creative and figure out why they need you
    • Get them beyond the MLS description
    • Help them stop the Realtor calls
    • Get hyper local with the info you give them
  • Hit them from every angle
    • You need to call/voicmail, text, email and Facebook them to catch them from all angles since you don’t know the medium they prefer and it takes at least 7x of seeing your name or face before they’ll recognize you
  • Become human to them
    • Develop rapport quick. 
    • Agree with them even if they’re frusterated.  Ex.  This is the 10th call I’ve gotten from a Realtor in the last hour.  Match their frusteration.  Agree with them.  Then show them a way out. “Let me show you how you can stop getting all those calls…”
    • Don’t sound canned – hook them with something they can’t get from the internet.
    • Ask them questions that matter (and that they can’t just answer yes or no to)
      • What did you like about that house
      • What did you like about that neighborhood?
      • What’s your timeline?
      • Who else is part of this transaction?
      • Anything that worries your or that you think might stress you out?
      • What’s got you most excited?
    • Text them something personal
    • Use Videos in your text and email.  (Bomb Bomb) and make a separate video for them using their name.  If you’re using Bomb Bomb make sure you’re holding a sign in your hand for the thumbnail.  Same with the video text.  It will catch their attention and set you apart from the other 10 agents.
    • Remind them that every time they click on a Zillow or Realtor.com lead they’re going to get 2-4 agents calling them.
  • Assumptive language.
    • Talk to them as though they are already your client.
    • Just start consulting with them and add value immediately.
    • “When we’re looking at homes”
    • “When you text me tomorrow”
    • “Here’s what happens once we find your perfect home”
    • “Two years down the road, here’s what you should be thinking about”
    • Get them to commit to you “Promise me you’ll answer the phone when the lender calls you”
    • Tell them you’re going to have the lender call them (don’t have them call the lender)
    • Set the appointment right away if they’re wanting to see a house (and even if they’re not)
    • “Even though you’re not buying in 6 months, I’m going to reach out in 2 months to give you an update on what the market’s doing”, then reach out in 45 days.
    • “I’m sure you’re talking to lots of other agents and they’re all telling you they’re the best… I’m not going to do that…. I plan on earning your trust.”  Plus then when they do get other agents claiming to be the best, they’ll remember that you told them that would happen.  They’ll be less likely to trust those “other” agents.
    • “Lot’s of Realtors will try to get you to buy now.  I want you to buy on your timeline, if that’s 6 months down the road, I’ll be the one still standing here”
    • If they’re not needing help right them ask them “How many times have you gone to the store, an employee asks if you need help, you say no.  Then 3 minutes later you’re like crap…and you can’t find anyone to help you”  They’ll probably laugh.  Then let them know that that’s who you want to be.  You’re on stand by so that when they do need help they’ve got an expert available.
  • Use their preferred form of communication (which is why you utilize all 3 until you know)
  • If you use Bomb Bomb you can check to see if they’ve opened your emails or watched your video
  • Acknowledge where the lead came from
    • “I understand why you go on Zillow…but if you keep going on their and clicking that button all hell is going to break loose”
  • Take notes on what they want
  • Then ask what they’re willing to compromise on
  • Put your expectations out there.
    • Tell them how the process will work (very few agents walk them through the process at all, but even fewer do it before they find a house).
    • Explain to them how you’re going to advise them
  • Truly listen to what they are saying
    • Ask for clarification.  Like, why do you want to be on a golf course.  Maybe it’s got nothing to do with golfing.  Maybe it’s more about not having neighbors around them.
    • Reiterate what they’re saying to you (it will let them know you’re listening)
    • Take notes.  It proves to them that what they’re saying matters to you.
  • Mirror them

If they don’t answer after you’ve tried repeatedly through all 3-4 channels (even social media)

  • Breakup Call
    • Videos are great here along with a text and voicemail
    • “My intentions are not to be a bother…”
    • “I’m assuming you’ve already found a home… let me know where I missed the boat with you.  I’m always trying to improve my business”
  • Basically try to make them feel guilty.  Appologize and ask how you may have dropped the ball and what you could have done differently.  Often times you’ll get a response back.
  • Text them with their name and a question mark.    Ex “John?”  You’d be surprised how often you get a response on that.  Do it from a different cell phone

TJT Internet Lead Followup Plan

TJT – War Dial Plan

Remember – War dialing is 3 back to back calls with no voicemail