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How do I make more of these few intimate relationships while still enjoying life?

Real Estate Myths

  • Extroverts do better in real estate
  • Extroverts develop better relationships with their clients and sphere
  • You have to be a "people person" to make it in real estate

Learn how to build your database.

Facts of being an introvert in Real Estate
  • You won't waste time yapping, which might very well make you MORE efficient than the extrovert
  • You'll tend to only hang on to the relationships that matter (Quality vs Quantity) which is more efficient.
  • You'll be more attractive to the other introverts our there (which there are plenty)
  • You'll be more likely to work "on" your business then "in" your business.
  • You're introspective and can problem solve without having to "talk it out" or get validation from others.
  • Typically better focused.
  • More likely to ask questions, listen and observe.

In a hot market, it's not hard to find a real estate agent; they're a dime a dozen.  However it is hard to find one you trust and have a real relationship with.  In her Ted Talk, Susain Cain brings to light the true advantages that introverts have over extroverts.


How do you turn the many relationships you tend to have into relationships that turn into business.

Real Estate Myths

  • It'll be easier if you're an extrovert or people person
  • If you love people and love homes you'll make it big in real estate
  • The more people you know, the more business you'll bring in

Learn how to grow your database.

Facts of being an Extrovert in Real Estate
  • You'll have an easier time starting new relationships, but a harder time making them matter
  • You'll have more options when it comes to growing your database
  • You have a HUGE HUGE HUGE potential for growth, if you can focus
  • Your friendly confident attitude will attract people to you
  • Your tendency to network will make growing your database easier
  • You'll naturally be able to enjoy and dedicate more time in the day to meeting people and growing your database.

There's a really good chance in the current market that everyone you talk to knows 2 or 3 real estate agents.  Growing your database will come naturally.  Your challenge will be to differentiate yourself from all the others.  You'll find it difficult to compete with the people in your sphere who have also developed deeper relationships with those introverts.   Figure out where your focus will be and develop those relationships to deeper levels.

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