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Thank you Dustin, Gayla, Brittany, Chris and all the others who were in the room sharing what works.  We wouldn’t be where we are today without all these great minds joining together.

So you’ve got a database now

So you’ve started to grow your sphere.  You’ve got a group of people you have met face to face and have agreed to be a part of your database.  Remember this just means that you’ve met them they’re ok with you being a real estate agent and talking to them about real estate.  It doesn’t matter whether they are a past client or if you met them in line at the grocery store.  All of our panelists agreed on one thing.  


Treat Everyone Like They’re Your Client (Gayla & Brittany)

Even if they’ve never closed a home with you.  It doesn’t matter.


Give Before You Ask

All of our panelists (and others not on the panel) said in one way or another.  Give before you ask.  Remember this in life and general and your world will change.  But specifically dealing with your database, just remember that they need to feel like they’ve received a value from you before you start asking for something from them.  Gayla and Brittany reminded us that we can ask them about their business or career.  And take the time to ask questions and truly find out how they’re doing.  Don’t stop at the “we’re good” answer.  If you ask them how their business is going and they feel heard, what’s the next logical question that will come from them?   It’s going to be “How’s your business going” or “How’s the real estate market?”  That’s an easy opener for you to get into how you’re really focusing on referrals because you want more time to dedicate to your current clients.  Or whatever, but it’s an opportunity to genuinely answer that question and ask for a referral.  But you’ve got to give before you ask for something from them.  That’s so important.   As Dustin said, care about what they care about.

It was also either Gayla or Brittany that brought up that you can make it light-hearted as well.  If they don’t ask you about your business after you’ve talked to them about their job, make a joke about it when you ask them about referrals.  


Learn About Your Clients

Property Mommies also brought up using Facebook to know what’s going on in their lives.  FACEBOOK  TELLS YOU EVERYTHING ABOUT PEOPLE.  This is something I am going to start doing right away.  One thing you can do if you don’t have the time is leverage an assistant or even a virtual assistant to do this for you.  Have them go over all your clients Facebook accounts and see what’s happening in their lives.  Then they can send you a daily/weekly email with the lists.  Then you can decide what you’re going to do, and you’ve got to do more then just comment on Facebook.  Like they said, call, text them, send flowers, get well cards or congratulations card.  The more personal, the better.  Care about their kids and pets (Gayla and Brittany).  Hand written letters go a long way.


Make the Personal Connection 1st

Be their friend 1st or as Chris put it, make the personal friend connection before you make a real estate connection.  Don’t treat them like they’re business and don’t rule anyone out (Chris).  You never know who your next closing might come from.  Treat them like you would a good friend and in turn they’ll probably treat you the same.  Make them feel important (Dustin).  If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in this era of social media and texting is the need to feel seen and known.  Understand their life situation and what they’re going through (Chris).  Focus on helping them make connections.  If you’re bettering their life outside the real estate transaction, they’re never going to forget you.   And don’t forget that you can do this with people you haven’t actually transacted with yet.  Start adding value to the lives of everyone in your data base and when it comes time, they’re going to use you and refer you.  Become the expert in EVERYTHING.  Be their hub.  Chris stressed that we need “to be actively making connections for our clients” or people in our database.  That is meaty statement.  What does it mean to actively be making connections for our database?  It means we  know them and what they need. Care about what they care about (Dustin)  One way of doing that would be to build a relationship deep enough to know what they need.  This is the best way but does get tougher as your database grows.  Everyone’s capacity is different but eventually we all hit a wall where we can’t get deep with any more people.  Or at least not as deep.  When this happens the second way to know what connections they need is simply to ASK THEM.   It’s simple.  Some might think it awkward, but if you call someone in your sphere and say something like this. 


Sample Call (Making Connections)

You: Hey Jim, how’s life?

Jim: You know…busy.  Don’t have too much time to talk right now.

You: No worries…totally know how that goes.  I’m in the same boat.  I’m also realizing part of the reason my life is crazy is that I’m missing certain people in my life.

Jim: Not exactly sure what you mean by that.

You: Well, just yesterday, I realized I could have had 2 hours with my kids if I had a trusted handyman.  And the week before that, I realized I could have made that date with my wife if I’d known who to call to fix our washer.  And 2 weeks before that I would have made my kids soccer game if I’d known who to call for my sprinkler.  Instead I went to Home Depot and attempted to fix it myself. 

So simply put…sometimes knowing who to call can make our lives a lot simpler.  Could be as complicated as a financial adviser to help you set up retirement or somebody to cut your lawn while you’re on vacation.  Literally anyone you might need in any realm.  I realized how much this could improve my life, so I’m dedicated to putting a list together and being purposeful about it and then sharing it with you.   

Jim: Now I get it.  That makes sense.

You: So who do you need me to set you up with?  If I don’t have someone we’ve found already, I’ll vet them, check reviews, and then get back to you ASAP.

Jim will either tell you what he needs or he’ll say at this time I can’t think of anyone.

You: That’s great, but you’re a home owner.  You’ll need someone eventually, so here’s where you can find all our proven vendors we’ve found so far (direct them to your website) and I’ll check in with you in a couple months.


Never Stop Being Their Professional Real Estate Advisr

  • Be on time (Dustin)
  • Do what you say you’re going to do every time (Savannah)
  • Be more than just their friend (Chris)
  • Predict their real estate needs
  • Give them meaningful updates on the market
  • Offer them good refi options that don’t benefit you at all
  • Help them add value to their house.


Methods Ranked Most Effective to Least

Any Longer Face to Face Meetings (out to coffee, lunch, etc)

Pope Byes

Phone Calls

Hand Written Bday Cards (with small giftcard)

Hand Written Letters

Video Texts/Emails (personal to them)


Comments on Facebook



 Here’s What’s Working

4-5 Phone Calls (know about their life if possible)

1 month after close then quarterly (the one month call is great to help them take care of the problems that inevitably came up after closing.  Good way to get them used to you being their hub for all experts)

Drop something off to them at their job (they’ll never forget that)

Popbye – personally dropping things off goes a long way.  Even if they’re not home, take a selfie at their front door and send it to them.

Hand written (just thinking about you) card

Quality Monthly Email Newsletter

Monthly Boomerang Postcards (deals at restaurants – lift tickets – etc branded to you)

Monthly Homebot (Really good user friendly home value tool) 

(4total touches) Client Appreciation Events

  • Email before
  • Slydial before
  • Mass Text Before
  • Mass Text After

(6 total touches per family) Bdays Cards for parents and kids

  • 1-Card with a gift card (so really it’s 8 touches since it really is another touch when they go to use it)
  • Ave 2 people (but send one for all kids etc)
  • Text from agent
  • Text from me

 (Monthly) something you might now know about Colorado Mass Text

52 Weekly Video on FB and Email 

  • Market Update
  • New business in town
  • Taste Test some Beers with the team
  • Something Funny


Automated stuff still ads value and is important but significantly less then the above items done right.  There are ways to render the above methods pointless.  If you’re not sincere and truly caring about them your sphere will see right through it.  Use some of the strategies listed to understand your clients so that you know what will add value to them. The more you cater the value you add to that individual to their needs the more effective you’ll be.  Remember, meet them where they’re at, help them make connections that will better their lives, and be there when they need to solve problems.  Be different from all the other Realtors (Gayla).  Derek Leif brings them a framed picture with them standing in front of their house.   Don’t be afraid to stand out.

And as Dustin mentioned.  Don’t be afraid to leverage.  It gets super hard as your data base grows, but if you can leverage while keeping it very personal, you’ll affect more lives and in turn get more business. 


A Few More Ideas

Start from day 1 asking for referrals.  So they know and like the you that asks for referrals

Gayla asks for referrals 3+ times before closing

Derek…get over the fear of following up with the tough clients

Brian…if you’re competing for internet leads you need to be different then the other.  Brian starts out with telling them that he realizes that he needs to earn their trust.  His goal is to become their friend.  He sets himself apart from the competition.  He tells his clients that he wants them to hold him accountable and to a high standard. And he pays attention to their needs.

Support your client’s businesses 

Meet them where they’re at – sports, kids pets, home/area – check in on repairs, etc

Who do you need to know that I might be able to connect you with

Start with “this is a business call” if you’re going to talk about business