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Jeff Johnson

I can’t tell you how many people come to me saying they’re interested in real estate because they want the freedom it brings.

In reality I’ll tell you what happens to most people.  They become slaves to their business, gain the luxury of extremely inconsistant income, work far more hours, weekends, and late nights, only to eventually go back to a “regular job”, having forgotten their dream of freedom, money, and a life.

I personally believe that there is no career more rewarding and freeing than real estate… But there’s a reason that 85% fail in their first two years.  It’s because they underestimate how much work goes into it on the front end, and how much discipline it takes to make it happen.


The Pros

There are definitely benefits to going solo


You can serve you clients how you want

Set your own schedule




Your Brand – Your Flair

Create your own personal image

Your Vision-Mission-Values




Entreprenurial spirit

Build your own business

Hire your own staff



Keep more of each commission

The Cons

There are also negative aspects to going at it solo

Chance of failure high

Must self Motivate

Less accountability

No one to cover you

Harder to be there for your clients

Working crazier hours


Find your own path

Educate Yourself/Less guidance

Find your own business

Generate your own leads

Do all your own followup

Agents Got Their License in the last year

Dropped out in the last year

More of those agents will drop out this year


Fail in their first 2 years

very few “solo” agents are truly solo

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Almost no one ever truly makes it on their own in real estate.  The “SOLO” agents that truly make it past year 2 are only called solo because it’s the only term that means they’re not on a team.  Solo agents that make it are never solo.  They surround themselves with coaches and peers that hold them accountable, speak truth into their lives, and push them to reach their goals.

The only true “SOLOS” go back to a “regular” job, that offers consistent pay, normal hours and less headaches.

For Solo agents

the right brokerage can make all the difference

Surround yourself with

People smarter than you

Experienced agents

positive people

those who can help your career

Experienced coaches

People who care about your career

Like minded people


What We Can Do For You

We’re here to help you any way we can.  All you’ve got to do is reach out.

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Secure your Future


You'll pay out some of your commissions up front.  In return you'll get direction, training and accountability!  If you are new to real estate you should be in a brokerage that has a good internship program.


The Pros

  • Mentor-answer questions
  • Training/Coaching
  • Direction
  • Accountability
  • Structure

You'll hit your goals faster.



The Cons

  • Pay around 10% of your commission
  • Less freedom-someone telling you what to do for a bit.

You might not like the structure and accountability.


If you're new or newer to your real estate career, the odds are stacked against you.  Only 15% make it past year 2.  Do NOT try and do it on your own.  There are plenty of resources out there.

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