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Be Strategic.  I’m willing to bet if you grabbed 100 agents and asked them to map out for your their plan for success, 90 of them could barely give you a plan for the day, and definitely not for the week.  But you should have a 10 year, 5 year, 1 year, 6 month, 1 month, 1 week, and TODAY plan. Gary Keller talks about it in “The One Thing” (an amazing book). Every move you make needs to be strategic.  You control your week and your day, not the weather, not your kids, and certainly not your clients. You figure out your why, then your how, and then you do it and let nothing get in your way.

Start out right.  Organize your business in a way that will never need to be restructured.   How often do we hear agents talk about reorganizing or restructuring their business. I’ve know agents who say that on a pretty regular basis.  It’s wasting time. Just start out with a Big Model that will never need to be changed. As Gary Keller says Think Big Models, Think Progress.

Big Models bring big success.  Small models bring small success.  You might think that you don’t need big success.  My response to you then would be that real estate might not be the field for you.  The thing about real estate is that small success means less money with more hours.  Big Models and Big Success create higher $/hr and more freedom in and control of your own life.  If you’re thinking small, you end up being the do-it-all jack-of-all trades. And Do-it-all really means come-at-will….because you’ve got to do it all.  It means you are on call 100% of the time, jump when they say jump, and in turn you sacrifice your family and personal life for your clients. This is bad enough if you’re not closing very many deals, but try upping your business using a small model and you’ll watch your life and all your relationships go down the drain. This is why agents are always restructuring their business.  As they grow they repeatedly have to redo their systems. Stop it! You’re just wasting time. Big Models actually can give better service to your clients while at the same time giving you back control over your life.

It seems like quite often, we think big models mean more complications and more work, but really it’s the opposite. They allow you to simplify your job, so now you’re focusing on only the things that will drive your business and your life in the direction they want to go.  Big Why’s with Big Models bring Big Possibilities.


The Right Model For You

Here’s the thing.  There is no one-size-fits-all model, but there are a few basics.  And you should master a proven model before you try to create your own.  Master the proven model first, then make tweaks as you go along.  

What do you think your 1st hire should be?  This is Gary Keller’s organizational chart:

Not only is Gary a pretty smart dude, but he talked to hundreds of other pretty smart people among the top teams in the world to come up with this chart.  But even with this chart there are tons of questions that need to be answered.  Read the Millionaire Real Estate Agent, but also reach out to us.  It’s the KW way.  A rising tide raises all ships.  We’d love to help you figure out what that 1st admin hire looks like, what their responsibilities should be, and how to find the right person.

Click the button below and let us know what questions you have.   We’d love to help you take your career to the next level.  I promise you it is simple.  Very hard…but simple.