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Why Does The Brokerage Matter

Grow with like minded people!

Don’t Be alone in A crowd

 Choose Wisely…

Asking if the brokerage matters is like asking if the job you choose matters.


You need to find the brokerage that fits your style.  Maybe it’s KW Premier, maybe it’s not.  We truly want you to research them and figure out which brokerage you will thrive and hit YOUR goals in.

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Matt Leigh (Operating Partner)

We at KWP are unabashedly biased, so please research other brokerages.  We give a lot of good info on this site that is applicable anywhere, but when it comes to brokerages we are only experts in what we know, so here are just a few of the many opportunities, outside of just selling homes, that Keller Williams offers 

6 things to make sure your brokerage has


Good Culture

Every Market Center/Brokerage will have a different culture. Make sure you find your match.


Abundance mentality

Make sure you are with a Market Center where everyone TRULY shares their secrets.  “Rising Tide Raises All Ships”


The Right People

The facts show that you quickly become like the people you spend time around.


Growth Mindset

You’re growth and ability to reach your goals depends upon being around people who will push you and hold you accountable. 


Reputation for excellence

The brokerage/market center you’re with can make a difference in the eyes of other brokers.


Stayed ahead of the Tech wave

We are in the 4th Industrial Revolution.  You don’t want to be swimming up the backside of that wave.

Out of

Agents That Got Their License in the last year

have already dropped out

will drop out by year 2


Fail in their first 2 years

The right Market Center or Brokerage

Can help you…

Increase  Conversion Rates

You can waste your time and $$ going after lead volume or you can up your conversion rates and make more money in less time.

Develop a Strategy

Don’t jump from strategy to strategy (real estate is a long term game).  Rather work with those who can help you develop the right strategy and then stick with it.

Execute the Strategy

“I’ve met many people who have excellent strategies.  I’ve met very few who have executed them”  (Jeff Johnson)  Once you have the right strategy, you need the accountability & coaching necessary to execute it.

Build Passive Income

Odds are good that you’re in this business to make money.  But after spending years building something amazing, most agents just walk away after they retire.  Find a brokerage that will help you build passive income.

Turn your dreams and goals into reality.

I am completely biased and for good reason.  We have an amazing group of people with big hearts who want to help others grow.  But you can truly come check out KW Premier with no pressure.  Bottom line is, if we have to convince someone or twist their arm to join, it’s probably not a good fit anyway.

Jeff Johnson

Owner at KW Premier and CEO of The Johnson Team

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